The Firm

SOLERE ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS is a law firm specialized in Brazilian business law, with practice in tax, corporate, commercial, labor, civil, specially on merger and acquisition transactions, business partnership negotiations and any other form of foreign business implantation.

The founder partner is a French Brazilian with 20 years of Brazilian law experience attending mainly foreign entrepreneurs and investors. Specialized in attending international operations, SOLERE holds offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, New York and Paris.

The firm has also great experience on litigation issues, including civil law, tax law and labor law suits.

The lawyers of SOLERE are professionals with impressive academic and professional background, as well as international experience.

Our Principles

SOLERE ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS rules itself in 4 values regarding its costumers, suppliers and partners:


The firm practice areas are based on the higher principles of companies management and professional ethics, which fully respect the Brazilian bar association’s ethics code, the American bar association ethics code and the Guidance international bar association and Council of the bar and the Code of law societies of the European Union.

Social inclusion

Solere Advogados promotes the integration of diversity in all of its practices. Its team of lawyers works in a stimulating environment, where each professional develops its work, without discrimination of age, sex, color or origin. The firm also incentives the international experience and the reception of foreign professionals and students.

Respect to the environment

The firm gives worth to the professional competences, respecting each personality, willing to implement a work environment where all the team is attentive to the others formations and to the common transmission of knowledge. The office reduces to the maximum level the use of non-reuse materials and water and electricity consumption, so that the cooperators can contribute for the environment preservation and the future generations welfare.

International exchanges and franco-brazilian relations

The founding partner Bertrand de Solere is a member of French Foreign Trade Advisers (CCEF), working closely with French Authorities, in order to promote business between France and Brazil and to provide legal advice to Brazilian and foreign investors. Through its New York office, Solere Advogados Associados has also enlarged its experience assisting Americans investors in Brazil.